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If you listen closely, you’ll hear the drive make a rhythmic clicking sound. If that drive will still read any files at all, it’s a good idea to back them up as soon as possible. If the drive doesn’t want to give your files back, there are data recovery specialists that can salvage and rebuild the drive for you, but this is incredibly expensive. If your Master Boot Record or boot sector is corrupted or damaged, disk error will appear. So in order to fix disk read error, you need to take measures to repair MBR or boot sector and solve «A disk read error occurred» issue with USB boot.

Here’s how to view your Check Disk log, or events. The moral of this story, though, is that drives fail all the time, unexpectedly. Keep tabs on your drive’s health and maks sure you have a solid backup plan.


If corrupted system files or disk errors were the cause of your issue, then it should now have been fixed. If background app options are still missing from your Windows 11 PC then it’s time to check your installation for errors and bugs. Use the steps below to run a disk scan on your PC.

  • This option allows you to crop unwanted parts of your picture out, which can be quite useful.
  • Because of that particular section is in accessible, it can cause the operating system to crash , files missing for no reasons or frequent application crashing.”.
  • If you are able to fix ‘SD card won’t read’ error with these workarounds, it means your card reader is faulty and needs to be changed.
  • Microsoft released Windows 11 in late 2021 and shifted the focus of development from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

/r, which both fixes errors and attempts to recover readable information from any bad sectors on the disk. Now that you have successfully recovered your important files and other data, you can format the hard drive. You must perform full/normal/low-level format on the hard drive to fix the issue. Therefore, it is highly advised to make backup copy for important here data once your Windows detects a hard disk problem. As a result, your data on the disk will not be compromised and your hard drive will continue to operate at peak performance and efficiency. When a disk is checked for logical and physical defects, Check Disk examines the integrity of the file system as well as the file information contained inside it.

How did my hard drive get corrupted?

Sometimes, the solution to this issue could be clearing dust from the RAM or reconnecting it. You can solve many Windows problems by simply restarting your PC. Those critical files are stored in the nonpaged area so the RAM won’t switch them back and forth between itself and the paged area.

A destination path too long error when copying files or folders is pretty annoying. Now it doesn’t have to be with this proven solution. Shortly after, you’ll see the results of your Windows 8 chkdsk utility. That’s because Windows 8 has probably already performed one or more chkdsk rounds in the background without you even knowing it. Windows 8 does this as part of its standard system maintenance routine.

Checking the health and status of the hard disk of your device is a very important duty in order to fix any errors that may later lead to serious problems if neglected. It is suggested to routinely check the hard disk to maintain a smooth flow of functioning of your device. It’s also often the case that users will come into contact withSMART toolswhen damage has already occurred (and when it’s often too late).

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